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Can You Recover Data Back From a Water Damaged Device?

There is no doubt that data is an asset in today’s technological world. But, what happens when your building is on fire from your data storage devices, or you spill water on your device?

No matter how much you protect your data storage devices, natural disasters such as floods, roof bursts, pipe bursts, and even fires can occur on your premises and May damage your devices. In general, too much heat or water can damage your device’s storage system and make it difficult to access any stored data.

If you have no way to access the data on the device, you may not want to know if you can recover the data after this event.

Whether you are looking for disaster recovery measures or have fire or water damage to your device, this article is for you. If you lose your data due to water or fire damage, read on to find your options.

You’ll also find tips on what to do to help with the data recovery process and how to avoid further damage to your storage system.

Can You Retrieve Your Data?

Most modern hard drives are designed to withstand harsh conditions, including exposure to water or high temperatures. However, water and intense heat from a fire can damage the platforms and chips that store data in your hard drive, causing data loss.

Whether your storage device is on fire or the water is damaged and Recover Data, you have a chance to recover your data. In some cases, it may take some time to clear it to get it back to work and recover your data.

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While it may be possible to recover your data, the success of this process depends on a number of factors. Below are some of the factors that determine whether you get your data back.

  • Temperature: In the event of a fire accident, exposure to more than 200 degrees makes data retrieval more difficult. Even if there are no visible signs of damage to your hard disk after a fire, the heat can still damage the plates and chips. In addition, after a fire accident, the water causes a sudden change in temperature, which can cause the plates to break.
  • Length of time: The longer your device is submerged in water or exposed to fire or heat, the greater the degree of damage and data loss. In the event of a water or fire, you can make all the difference in how fast you work. The sooner you address this event, the better your chances of recovering your data. Remember that degradation starts immediately after exposure.
  • Contamination: The presence of contaminants such as mascara, debris, and chemicals can cause additional damage to your device and make it impossible to retrieve complete data.
    If your device is damaged by fire or water, it is advisable to work with a data recovery specialist for the best results. Also, the faster you can deliver your goods to a professional, the more likely you are to get your data back. The good news is that most data recovery professionals work on a “no data, no pay” policy. So you can only pay for the services after you have successfully retrieved your data.

What to do in Case of Fire or Water Damage

If your device catches fire or is damaged by water, not everything is lost if you work fast. You can increase your chances of recovering your data by taking steps to prevent further damage. Here are some tips and tricks on handling broken devices that can help you save your data and prevent further damage.

  • If your device is submerged in water, do not dry it. Drying it causes corrosion and reduces the chances of successful data retrieval. Rinse the device to remove any contamination and keep it in a plastic bag with a damp cloth or keep it wet.
  • Do not attempt to clean or retrieve data yourself. The storage system is more fragile than the solid parts of the device that rely on technology to resist physical contact. If you are not a professional, you run the risk of doing more harm than good.
  • Avoid turning on your faulty hard disk drive to check if it is still working. Turning it on can cause platforms to explode and damage data permanently.
  • Contact a data recovery specialist as soon as possible to help you recover your lost data.
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The best way to ensure your data is backed up in the event of a disaster is to back up your data regularly. You can choose a physical backup option, such as an external hard drive, and store it off-site. Alternatively, you can choose cloud storage services that give you the flexibility to access your data anywhere.

Doing so protects your data from permanent damage. Finally, implement a disaster recovery plan that focuses on minimizing data loss in the event of a fire accident or water loss.

Data Recover Via eMMC       

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