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DIY Cardboard Box Storage Ideas

DIY Cardboard Box Storage Ideas You can find a number of different storage ideas with cardboard boxes, ranging from upcycling them to creating a vintage apothecary-inspired style. You can also create fabric-covered storage boxes, or wood storage cubes. All of these options are very useful and will allow you to save money while organizing your belongings.

Upcycled cardboard boxes

Upcycled cardboard boxes are a great option for storage. Not only do they save
space, but they also look attractive. You can dress them up with pretty fabric or
twine to create a stylish storage box in no time. You can also use them to store old
antique furniture. The possibilities are endless.

Whether you want to store books, toys, or even electronics, you can find a useful
way to use old cardboard boxes. Here are some creative upcycling ideas: Create a
homemade dressing table by bending a cardboard box to make a mirror and back.
Then, cover the back of the box with lace or frilly fabric. Add a small tote and you’ve
got a unique dressing table!

You can even make a hanging file box out of a Costco-style box that doesn’t have a
lid. Heather at Small Fry & Co is a genius and has great step-by-step photos to show
you how to make it. Another great upcycled cardboard box storage idea is to make a
faux galvanized metal box out of a cardboard cheese box. You can even learn how
to paint it if you want a vintage look.

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Vintage apothecary-inspired boxes

A vintage-inspired apothecary cabinet can give any home a clean, organized look,
and is an excellent budget-friendly storage solution. With twenty-two drawers and a
distressed finish, this piece has ample room for your storage needs. It can also serve
as a beautiful centerpiece for any room.

These apothecary-inspired jars are available in different sizes. For example, you can
purchase a large, 8-ounce jar with an inner diameter of 74 mm and an outer
diameter of 86 mm. You can also find smaller jars in a variety of colors.

The small cedar tins can store small treasures. This box can also be used to store
tools and parts. It measures 9″ long by 4″ wide. Another option is a small, Italian-made trinket box with hand-painted details and gold accents. Another great choice
for small treasures is a vintage wooden jewelry box made in the 1930s or 1940s.
This box has a vintage cottage scene print under a glass cover.

Fabric covered boxes

One of the many great storage ideas for cardboard boxes is a fabric-covered one.
These boxes are inexpensive and can be made with minimal sewing or cutting skills.
The box can be covered with fabric using a paper cutting knife, or you can use a
sewing machine to sew fabric around the outside. When putting a fabric cover on a
cardboard box, make sure to cut enough fabric to cover both the inside and outside

Start by folding the fabric in the box, leaving about an inch at the top and bottom
edges. When you’re finished with the inside, fold the outer fabric in and glue it to the
box. Keep the outer fabric a little longer than the inside, as you’ll have to fold it over
the box’s inside border. If you’re using a glue gun, ensure to use strong glue. The
glue will take a few minutes to dry.

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When you’re finished, you’ll have a fabric box that will look great in any room. It’s
easy to make, but you’ll need a large square of fabric and a large rectangular box.
After you’ve cut the corners, pin the fabric tightly around the box. Measure the width
of the fabric to make sure the fabric covers the bottom. Fold the extra fabric under
the bottom to complete the look.

Wooden storage cubes

Wooden storage cubes are an excellent way to reuse cardboard boxes. Not only do
they look great, but they are also very inexpensive and easy to make. These boxes
are great for storing items like shoes, clothes, and other items that don’t fit in other
storage spaces.

Crafting storage boxes gives you the freedom to make them in any shape or size
that you like, so they can fit your specific space. You can find instructions on how to
make wooden boxes on You can also paint them to change their color
or design. There are many different options to choose from.


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