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How To Create High-Quality Backlinks To Your Affiliate Site In 2022?

Google has confirmed that Backlinks are one of the top three ranking factors.

However, 66.31% of web pages have no backlinks.

That way, professional high-quality link-building services can put your website ahead of about 67% of web pages.

Now the question is how to build these prestigious high-quality backlinks. This is what this article is going to help you with.

In The Next Five Minutes, Learn 8 Ways To Build High-Quality Backlinks

  • Linkable content
  • Guest posts
  • Broken links to other websites
  • Odd edits
  • Media request
  • Types of content
  • Authority Resource Pages
  • Long-form material

8 Ways To Build High-Quality Backlinks

Create Linkable Content

Google confirms that it considers organic backlinks to be the most valuable. Here’s how to get organic backlinks.

  • You create high-value content that is clickable and shareable (hint: an article that solves a persistent problem in the industry, offers new insights, etc.
  • Another content creator comes to your content.
  • The second content creator uses information from your article and links it back.

Here’s How You Can Create Content That Gets Organic Backlinks

  • Research what kind of content other sites are linking to. You can use third-party tools, such as characters, for research.
  • Write long-format content because long-format content gets more backlinks.
  • Use infographics. An infographics article has a 178% more chance of attracting backlinks than any other type of content.
  • Offer downloadable fraudulent sheets, worksheets, or PDFs.

Create Guest Posts

If you are asking, “What is the best way to get high-quality backlinks for a site?”, Guest posting is one of the answers.

However, if you have multiple services or products in one place, who do you promote in your guest post?

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Additionally, when choosing websites for guest posting, search.

  • Strong domain authority because Google prefers backlinks from authority websites to small blogs
  • Strong editorial guidelines and standards that translate to high quality.
  • Website compatibility with your location
  • Website traffic. The more organic traffic a site receives, the better.
  • A balanced outbound vs. inbound link ratio

Use Broken Links On Other Websites

No one wants broken (or dead) links on their website because dead links add to the user experience. Broken link-building is a backlink-building strategy that allows you to use this scenario to your advantage.

Here is the process

  • You get a broken (aka dead) link.
  • recreate dead material.
  • You reach out to everyone who links to dead resources (including the site that originally created the content) and ask them to link to your re-created content instead.

You Can Find Broken Links In The Following Ways

  • Find websites that have been renamed.
  • websites that have moved to the new URL.
  • closed websites.
  • websites that have stopped offering the service.
  • websites that have stopped updating resources.

Select Odd Edits

Niche edits – also called link insertions – when you find a piece of content related to a web page that you want to link to on the authority’s website. After that, you contact the webmaster and request webmaster links to your content on the article.

Odd Edits Are Useful For Building Backlinks.

  • A backlink from specific edits increases your website’s SEO ranking because the link comes from the authority’s website.
  • Creating such backlinks takes much less time than writing a guest post or creating linkable content.
  • You can link to pages that would not otherwise receive backlinks because you can choose which page to link to.

Select Media Requests

When journalists write articles, they need expert opinions to support their arguments. Journalists reach out to media request platforms and receive them. That way, the answer to these requests is how you create high-quality links.

If you don’t know, some media application platforms are HARO (Help a Reporter Out), Quoted, and JournoRequests.

Here’s how you can ensure that journalists choose your answers from other webmasters.

  • Reply as soon as possible (within 24 hours there will be a lovely place)
  • Follow all instructions, such as counting keywords for the answer
  • Provide informative and crisp answers. Dilute your answer with fluff and you miss the opportunity
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Use Proven Content Types To Create Links

Buzzsumo and Backlino conducted a study on 912 million articles and blog posts. They found that 94% of all online content never included an external link.

One Of The Main Reasons? Types Of Content

However, the study also found that the following types of content produce high-quality backlinks.

  • infographic
  • videos
  • Why Posts
  • What posts?
  • How to post
  • list posts

However, Why Generate More Backlinks Than This Type Of Content? Here’s Why

  • This type of content takes less time to read.
  • The type of content can be easily scanned with subtitles, lists, and tablets.
  • Those type of material arouses curiosity.
  • This type of content makes a special promise to readers.

Select Authority Resource Pages

Authority Resource Pages are web pages where the webmaster compiles a list of valuable resources and links various services and products to the list.

That way, you can reach out to the webmaster and ask the webmaster to include your site in their listings.

However, you will not find these pages with the search term ‘resource pages’. Instead, look for terms like

  • Useful resource
  • helpful resources
  • additional resources
  • Read more

Include your specific keyword with these terms and you can search the resource pages.

Next, send a personal email to the webmaster with the links you want to add to the list. Show how it also adds value to links and your website resources page.

Choose Long Shaped Material

The advantages of long format content in creating high-quality backlinks

  • More than 3,000 verified backlinked content receives 77.2% more referral domain links than content less than 1,000 words on average.
  • The most shared article in the New York Times had over 2,000 words on average.
  • With 2,250 to 2,500 word counts, 3 HubSpot verified blogs received the most organic traffic. If your content is getting organic traffic, webmasters will be more interested in linking to your content.

The point here is that when it comes to building high-quality links, long-format content outperforms short-format content.

  • A well-written piece of long-format material answers all readers’ questions on the topic. Something that can’t offer short-form content
  • Long-format content also gets more social media shares than short-form content.
  • Google’s RankBrain algorithm prefers long-format content over short-form content. The reasons behind this preference include how much time the user spends on the site and the clickthrough rate.

Create High-Quality Backlinks – An Essential Element Of Search Rankings

The number one web page in Google has 3.8 times more backlinks than the web pages ranked 2nd to 10th.

Thus, creating high-quality backlinks is an essential element of search rankings.

The tips shared in this article will tell you how to create high-quality backlinks. Use the information to enhance your affiliate site.


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