Jazz Digit4G-Bold Flash File (Free)

Jazz Digit4G-Bold Flash File (Free)

Jazz Digit4G-Bold

Requirements Before Flashing (Jazz Digit4G-Bold Flash File)

You will need the following pre-conditions before flashing the firmware with the flash file on Jazz Digit4G-Bold.

A computer with Internet

Download and install MTK DRIVER

Jazz Digit4G-Bold Flash File (Download from HERE).

Infinity CM2 Flashing Software (Available HERE)

How to Flash Jazz Digit4G-Bold Firmware

Install the USB Mobile Drivers that you have downloaded above

Extract the Jazz Digit4G-Bold Firmware Flash File on a specific location into your PC

Open supported box setup / Dongle

Complete the correct selection of Mobile CPU type

Load the Flash file

Switch off the Jazz Digit4G-Bold by long-pressing the red button and removing the battery

Plugin the USB to the Charging port of Jazz Digit4G-Bold and another end with the PC and insert the battery again

Press and hold the Mobile Boot key is Zero

Click on the Flash button on the flashing software screen and wait until the complete process

Disconnect the mobile from the data cable and switch ON the phone

Jazz Digit4G-Bold


The flashing process is tested only on Jazz Digit4G-Bold. You will get positive results by following the steps and completing the requirements. We are not responsible for any damage or mishap that may occur depending upon the situation at your end.

Make backup all of your personal data such as pictures, videos, contacts, messages, and other important files.


Patch Level : MRA58K
Display ID : Digit_M42445P_DG_SW01_20201103_1851
Ver. CodeName : REL
Ver. Release : 6.0
Sec. Patch : 2015-10-01
Build Time : 03.11.2020
Product Model : Digit4G-Bold
Product Brand : Digit
Product Name : Digit4G-Bold
Product Device : Digit4G-Bold
Product Manfct : alps
Board Platform : mt6739
Product Info : Digit4G-Bold
Product Model : mt6731

Mobile brand:- Jazz
Model number:- Digit4G-Bold
CPU type:- MT6739

Note: Always make a backup of your mobile before Flashing File


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