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Kudremukh Trek: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips


If you ask anyone about South India, either Kerala or Tamil Nadu will come to mind. The first thing that comes to mind, if you ask us, is the Kudremukh National Park. This location, 95 kilometers from Chikmagalur, is a haven for both nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

The Kudremukh National Park in Karnataka has it all, from thrilling experiences to a relaxing stay in nature. As a result, there’s no doubt that visiting this location would be the best escape you’ve ever had! So, what do you think? Begin scrolling, make a list of everything important, and plan a trip to the south to experience the best of both worlds.

When Should You Visit Kudremukh National Park?

The Kudremukh Wildlife Sanctuary, surrounded by lush greenery and magnificent hills, has a temperate climate with temperatures ranging from 25° C to 19° C, making it an excellent year-round destination. However, if you want to make the most of your visit, go between October and May, when the park is in full bloom. Also, if your sole goal is to spot wildlife and take the perfect photograph, the best time to plan your trip is between December and February.

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Kudremukh National Park Hours and Fees

The park is open all year, with hours of operation ranging from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM for those who want to visit or witness the natural wonders. The entrance fee to the Kudremukh National Park is INR 200 for Indian visitors and INR 1,000 for foreign visitors.

Admission is also INR 200 (per person) for Indian seniors and children, and INR 1000 (per person) for international students (per person).

How to Visit Kudremukh National Park

By Air: 

Mangalore Airport, which is approximately 130 kilometers away, is the closest airport to the national park. You can quickly take a taxi to the park after landing in paradise.

By Train: 

To get to Kudremukh by train, take a train to Mangalore Central, which is about 100 kilometers from the park, and then take a taxi there.

By Road: 

The national park is also well connected to the majority of major cities by road. So, if a road trip piques your interest, don’t put it off any longer. You can either drive yourself or take a private taxi there.

What is there to do in Kudremukh National Park?

Take a look at the lovely waterfalls

The most popular and unique attractions in the Kudremukh Wildlife Sanctuary are the Kadambi Waterfalls and the Hanumangundi Falls. The water cascading down the rocks among the green rolling hills and trees is without a doubt the simplest way to improve your trip experience.

Trekking is a pleasurable activity

Kudremukh National Park is a naturalist’s dream, especially for hikers. If all you want is some adventure, it has numerous trails that wind through the rolling hills and are ideal for hiking. To go trekking in the park, you must first obtain permission from the Range Officers.

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Take pleasure in spotting wildlife

There will be plenty of species to see in the park, which is home to a variety of fauna, including tiger, leopard, wild dog, Malabar giant squirrel, common langur, sloth bear, and others. Aside from that, there are 200 bird species in the park that you can easily spot if you have a keen eye and enjoy bird watching.

Swim in one of the natural pools

A day of trekking or hiking in the national park will undoubtedly make you sweat, and there’s no better way to recharge for the evening than a dip in one of the park’s natural pools. Just make sure you don’t have any dirt on you before jumping in, and enjoy every moment inside.

Examine the lush green plantations

Aside from wildlife and waterfalls, the national park is bordered on the north and east by thriving coffee and tea plantations. Walking among them or simply sitting and admiring their majesty is a visual and photographic treat.

Kudremukh National Park Accommodation

While there are no hotels in Kudremukh National Park, there are Forest Rest Houses that provide comfortable accommodations for forest officers. However, if a vacancy exists, you can reserve it for yourself or your loved ones by contacting the appropriate Deputy Conservator of Forests. There are also lodging options in Kalasa, Karkala, and Sringeri.

Most of these places charge between INR 3,000 and INR 25,000 per night, depending on your needs and the amenities provided by the guest house.


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