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Magisk Manager APK Downlead

Android Rooting is basically acquiring permissions to do various customizations and explore the android fully at its peak. Similar to jailbreak on iOS, Rooting an android device provides access to the user to do customizations such as installing custom Roms, Applications, custom Recovery, over-clocking or under-clocking CPU, etc. Various methods are used to root android phones. You can root your android device without using a PC with a few clicks using the Magisk manager APK application. Here in a few minutes read, you’ll be able to root your android device successfully with the help of the Magisk rooting solution.

How to root Android device with Magisk manager APK

Read the procedure carefully and follow all the steps with true letter and spirit to avoid any damage to your android device.

Warning: Rooting your device may damage system files and may cause brick.

  1. Download Magisk manager Root APK on your android device from [HERE]
  2. Open the file manager App and navigate to the downloads folder rename the downloaded file extension to Zip
  3. Switch OFF your android device and power it on in recovery mode by pressing the key combination specified for your device
  4. Install the Magisk manager APK. The device will reboot automatically after installation
  5. Again open the file manager and navigate to the download folder to download the file extension as APK
  6. Open the Magisk manager APK and verify the root access

Isn’t that a similar way to root your device without a PC?

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