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Netflix Reveals “Money Host: Korea” Trailer And Release Date

As if the Netflix Summer Release Slate hadn’t been stacked before, the streaming giant recently announced that the highly anticipated Korean version of Money Heist would fall over time to join the lineup.

Netflix has officially released the first teaser trailer for the Korean remake of the Spanish crime drama, entitled Money host: Korea – Joint Economic Area Part 1, and has revealed that the show will premiere on June 24, 2022.

The OG series La Casa de Papel, also known as Money Heist in English, ran for five seasons on Netflix before ending in December 2021. The show follows a vicious group of thieves who commit two large-scale robberies at the Royal Mint of Spain. Bank of Spain The series was an international hit and strengthened itself in increasingly popular culture with its popular theme songs and costumes.

Minibeast: In the first poster released for Korea, the memorable heist uniforms are given a unique twist. In January 2022, Netflix announced a teaser title and cast featuring the role of a professor who chooses from a wall of masks.

Now, in the first full look of the new series, the same red coral jumpsuits are worn by the Spanish characters, but instead of the Salvador Dolly mask, the Korean Heist team will wear a mask inspired by the traditional Korean haha.

According to Netflix

According to Netflix, the reboot will follow a story similar to the original, but “in an imaginary common economic zone, in a world where the Korean Peninsula is facing reunification.”

The summary of the series reads as follows۔ Money host: Korea happened at a time when North and South Korea are on the path to a peaceful reunification after nearly 80 years of division. Preparing to print, a robbery has taken place. A clever tactic known as the professor collects a piece of high-level thieves from the north and south to steal the new currency directly from the mint. Coins.

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All nine original characters will be included in the remake – Professor (played by UG-Tai), Berlin (Park Hee-soo, who is known for his work on the squid game), Tokyo (Jun Jong-SEO), Moscow (Lee Won) -Jong), Denver (Kim Ji-hon), Nairobi (Jung Yun-jo), Rio (Lee Hyun-woo), Helsinki (Kim Ji-hon), and Oslo (Le Qi-ho).

In the new teaser trailer, a voiceover (whom we consider to be the leader of the robbery team, Professor) makes a bold, predictable statement: Or end up in prison. But a robber who steals on a large scale can change the world and become a hero. Out of all the money stolen, we will still get the biggest money. But we will watch this great show live. And they will take root in public.


Netflix has shared a new look at the upcoming remake of the hugely popular Spanish series La Casa de Papel. The Korean version, titled Money Heist Korea – New Economic Area, has been billed as a retelling of the original show.

In a short trailer and date announcement of the new series, we were treated to a snapshot of the robber team wearing the confirmed new masks as well. Netflix has also confirmed that the highly anticipated show will launch on June 24, 2022.

A voiceover – we’re guessing he’s a UG-Tai professor – can be heard outlining the plot for the new series. “A robber who steals petty cash is either killed after being chased or ends up in jail۔ says the rude narrator. “But a robber who steals on a large scale can change the world and even become a hero. Out of all the money stolen, we will get rid of the biggest yet. We, Will, see the biggest show live – and they will. Root for us. ”

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Following the release of the new teaser, fans are reacting to the reimagining of the Spanish hit series. Some people liked the trailer by going to Twitter to share their excitement over its release. Another Korean masterpiece is coming, another wrote۔ OMG so excited about it Others simply wrote about how they can’t wait and promised to be tuning in.

Money Heist Korea

(Image credit: Netflix)

However, some other fans were not convinced by the new trailer, wondering if the original show needed to be remade. Responding to the post, one viewer wrote: “Cmon Netflix … Money Heist was your best show and now you’re going to make a copy? It loses its authenticity no matter how bad it is.”

Another added: “I don’t need it. The original two seasons were already enough. A third fan issued a simple warning to Streaming۔ Moneyheast is probably your best show, in my opinion, don’t butcher it.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Nations are planning a new unified currency as MoneyHest staff see an opportunity to steal it from the Mint.

The 12-episode series is produced by Kim Hong Sun, director of Voice and The Age of Blood۔ features an all-star cast. Along with Ji-Tae, Squid will play Berlin in Game’s Park Hae-so remake, while Jeon Jong Seo will play Tokyo.


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