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Nokia 6310 2021 TA-1400 Read User Code One Click

In this article, you’ll get the Unlock User Lock Nokia 6310 TA-1400. You can easily tackle the TA-1400 Unlock issues by following the simple step-by-step instructions.

How to Hard Reset a Nokia 6310 2021

If your Nokia 6310 2021 has become unresponsive or is not working at all, you can try to hard reset it to get it to work again. Hard resets are often called factory resets, and they restore the phone to its original state. However, this option will wipe all of the data from the phone.

Hard Reset

If you want to hard reset your Nokia 6310 2021, there are several ways to do it. First, you should back up your data. This can be done using a PC or USB cable. Once you’ve done this, you should turn your mobile on to confirm the operation.

To begin, you should go to the home screen of your Nokia 6310 2021. Press the red button to access settings. Then, press the center button to access “Restore factory settings.” Confirm that you want to perform the factory reset by pressing “OK.” After a few seconds, the phone will restart and ask you to reconfigure some basic settings.


Unlocking your Nokia 6310 2021 is easy and requires only a few minutes. You’ll need the IMEI number of your phone and the NCK code. This procedure is completely safe, and will not void the warranty. Once you’ve entered the correct code, your phone will prompt you with “Operation successful”.

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The biggest benefit of unlocking your Nokia 6310 2021 is freedom. You can use it on any network you want, and you can even use a local sim card when traveling abroad. In addition, your phone will be worth more if you decide to sell it in the future.


A hard reset of your Nokia 6310 (2021) is a quick and simple way to erase all content and data from the device. This process will erase all personal information, including pictures and videos, and will restore the device to factory settings. You will need Nokia tools and drivers to perform a hard reset.

If your phone is locked to a specific network, a hard reset will not work. To solve this problem, you must know the PIN code stored on the plastic card. If you’ve forgotten the PIN, you can’t unlock the phone. The SIM card needs to be unlocked first. If you don’t know it, you’ll need to reset it manually.


There are several ways to carry out a factory reset on a Nokia 6310 2021. One method is by entering a specific code from the keyboard. To do so, first, go to the home screen. Next, press the red button on the device’s bottom. Once there, type *#7370#. Once you have done that, the phone will be reset, deleting all content on the phone.

Next, you should find the serial number of the Nokia 6310 2021. This number can be found in the box of the phone, or in the battery. This number is crucial for verifying the authenticity of the phone, and can also be used to prevent theft.

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Unlocking via Software

Unlocking a Nokia 6310 2021 device can be done either by software or hardware. You can choose to unlock the phone via software or hardware, but be aware that software unlocking may ruin the device. For best results, use the IMEI unlock approach instead.

The IMEI, or unique ID, of your phone, may be blacklisted. In this case, you’ll need to contact your carrier to resolve this problem. Once the process is complete, the phone will prompt “PIN UNLOCK” or “code unlock” and then show the success message. Once the unlocking operation is complete, your 6310 2021 handset will show “operation succeeded”.

Requirements Before User Lock Unlock (Nokia 6310 TA-1400)

You will need the following pre-conditions before Unlocking the Nokia 6310.

A computer with Internet

Download and install the USB Mobile driver

Easy-Box Dongle Flashing Software (Available HERE)






Platform Version: MOCOR_20D_6531E_W21.26.2_Release
HW Version: SC6531EFM_BAR
08-07-2021 19:15:34

IMEI 1 : 359952648220076
IMEI 2 : 359952648720075
BT MAC : E029676DEFA1

USERCODE : 225588 [01323235353838000006]

Elapsed: 327 secs.

The Unlock process is tested only on Nokia 6310 TA-1400. You will get positive results by following the steps and completing the requirements. We are not responsible for any damage or mishap that may occur depending upon the situation at your end.

Make a backup of all of your personal data such as pictures, videos, contacts, messages, and other important files.

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