Oppo A57 Google Play Store Not Working Solved 100%

Oppo A57 Google Play Store Not Working Solved 100%

It is great panic moment when you want to download your favorite game or productivity Apps on Oppo A57 from Google Play Store. Suddenly you encountered a problem with Play store App not opening properly on Oppo A57 or you are unable to log in Google account. It depends upon various conditions. First and foremost check your data connection is working properly. Try reconnecting the internet or switch to Wi-Fi. Perform reset factory setting on your Oppo A57 might be helpful in some cases. If still results are negative then follow the below instructions to fix Oppo A57 Google Play Store Not Working permanently. In this article you will know simple methods for troubleshooting Oppo Google Play store error.

Method 1 to Fix Oppo Google Play store error

It is a basic method that do not need any external downloads. Means you do not need to install any external App to fix Oppo Google Play store error.

Check your internet connection is working properly

Check date and time of your Oppo smartphone. Set the Date and Time settings to automatic, or configure manually according to your time zone. Google play services sync with master servers to send and receive data to function properly, so date and time should be accurate

Enable mobile Download manager from [Settings] > [Additional Settings] > [Application Management] > [All] > [Download Manager]. Tap on [Enable] to start the download manager. As long you’ll enable the Download manager, Play store will start downloading the requested apps. Clear the storage and cookies data if still won’t work

Clear cache data of Google play services framework, Google Play and Google Services

Sign-out your Google account and try again

Unluckily method 1 fails to resolve the Oppo Google Play store error. Still there is a hope, you have to do some additional work to fix. Jump to second method stated below.

Method 2 to Fix Oppo Google Play store error

First of all download google installer 3.0 HERE and install it on your Oppo A57

Opening the Google installer will lead to the interface shown below

Clicking on the blue button will initiate the automatic installation process of Google Account Manager and other necessary Apps

This process may skip the installation of Google play service. You can download google-play-services-21-42-13-000300 HERE and install on your Oppo smartphone

Once all installs are completed, open the Google Installer 3.0. You’ll see the interface shown below

Jump to main Oppo smartphone main settings and navigate to Account section

Open the Google accounts and Tap on the sync option

finally your Oppo Google Play store and couldn’t sign in Google account error is solved permanently.

account will be added

Open the Google Play Store application and search for your desired apps and games. You will be able to download all the requested apps right from the in-built Google Play application from your Oppo phone.

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