Samsung Galaxy A22 SM-A226B U4 Security Error And Repair

Samsung Galaxy A22 SM-A226B U4 Security Error And Repair

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (SM-A226B) U4 Error Fixed File

A226BXXU4AVB1-(CAL) only_2 file (Android 11 R)

This file for fixing security errors you have required udin3 software

Requirements Before Fix Security Error Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (SM-A226B) U4

You will need the following pre-conditions before fixing the security error Samsung Galaxy A22.

After Lock Bootloader Error Fix

No Need for Full flash

Just Flash Those 2 Files

1: Boot.img 2: vbmeta.img

Only 2 files Samsung A22 5G U4 For Security Error Fix

Download File Size 11.5-MB

For Repair and Patch

Flash with 4 files – Tested A226BXXU4AVB1 Full file Size 4.9-GB

A computer with Internet

Repair 4 Flash Files (Download from HERE)

You need any Samsung tool like Z3x, Chimera, or Octopus, to repair your phone

Download and install the Samsung USB Mobile driver

Samsung Galaxy A22 Fix File (Download from HERE).

Odin3 Setup (Download From Here)

Odin3 3.14.1

Error Logs

Waiting ADB device… OK
Reading phone info…
Model: SM-A226B
Android version: 11
PDA version: A226BXXU4AVB1
CSC version: A226BOJM4AVB1
Phone version: A226BXXU4AVB1
Product code: SM-A226BZAUKSA
CSC country code: KSA
CSC sales code: KSA
Carrier ID: XSG
IMEI: 000000000000000
HW version: REV1.0
RF cal date: 20210503
Chip name: MT6833
Modem board: MT6853
Security patch: 2022-02-01
Boot Warranty bit: 1
Checking Super user right… true
Root version: 25.1:MAGISKSU
Saving security data… [sec0] … [sec1] … [sec2] … [sec3] … OK
Backup saved to C:\Program Files (x86)\Z3X\Samsung\SamsungToolPRO\backup\NV\SM-A226B_R9WR60AEXPJ_000000000000000_2022-06-24_22-15-26.bkp
Searching server… OK
Waiting for server answer… OK
Checking data… OK
Reading ‘boot’ image… OK
Loading data from ‘boot’… OK
Reading ‘modem’ image… OK
Loading data from ‘modem’… OK
Preparation of data… OK
Initialization zTool… OK
Running zTool, please wait… OK
Executing… OK
Reparing… error (2)
Rebooting phone… OK


The root process is tested only on Samsung Galaxy A22. You will get positive results by following the steps and completing the requirements. We are not responsible for any damage or mishap that may occur depending upon the situation at your end.


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