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The Best Video Editing Apps For 2022: 8 Best Options for Android, iPhone, and iPad

If you are looking for the best video editing apps, look no further! Although video editing is a common occurrence on desktops, the quality of mobile apps has improved so much that mobile phones and tablets are now good video editing platforms.

As well as improving quality, the accessibility of apps means that video editing is now available to more people than ever before. The move to mobile devices greatly created a playground, meaning that there was no need to have the latest and the largest computers – even the most expensive – to get the job done. And as you can see in this guide to the best video editing apps, the software itself is also incredibly affordable these days – sometimes for free!

The app you need will depend on the number of items: your budget, your level of ability, and what you hope to achieve, to name just three. In this list of the best video editing apps, we have tried to cover a lot of basics so there should be something for everyone. With options for Android, iPhone, and iPad users, our selection of the best video editing apps for the most coveted mobile platforms.

If you are looking to work with video on a desktop, we have compiled a helpful guide for the best video editors available. In another guide, we look at the best video editing computer you can buy. There is also a special feature that looks at laptops for the best video editing

For anyone who is deeply involved in video work, there is the question of audio editing. Whether you are creating a background song, editing a conversation, or creating accident sounds, our guide for the best audio editors will be a great help.

Read on to find out more about our selection of the best video editing apps. When you are done, consider checking this guide on the best video hosting websites somewhere to save your creations.

Best 2022 Video Editing Apps


LumaFusion is a mobile application similar to desktop video editing. While it is not enough to throw your PC out the window, we have heard of the editors who use it to complete all the projects – and it is easy to see why.

Instead of simplifying mobile editing, LumaFusion embraces complexity, yet makes it accessible. There is a multi-track editor – up to six in video/titles/graphics and audio; the other six cover effects, music, and vocals. Tracks can be locked, hidden, and muted, keeping everything in control – even on the iPhone.

The magnetic timeline is flexible and responsive, even when combining 4K images, with all its useful features that allow you to jump at any point in your editing. And there are plenty of effects, color correction tools, and audio mixing features to try. Even pre-existing costs, which may seem low, make sense if you realize it is a one-off purchase and not a subscription.

In short, if you have video editing needs for iPhone and iPad, LumaFusion should be your first choice, unless you can continue with the interface or exceed your needs. Currently, our top selection of the title of the best video editing app.

In a view of the effects of LumaFusion but not its price tag? LumaFX records that little bit in the standalone app, available for $ 0.99 / 99p / AU $ 1.49.


There is a sense of shock about KineMaster when you launch the app and want to tie you up to sign up. But it soon becomes clear that this is a powerful, useful software – whether you are willing to pay for it or not.

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Importing clips is minimal, and the app makes the most of screen space. By default, a large preview is surrounded by a toolbar of important commands (rewind, settings, etc.) and a camera-like recording button with immediate photos to quickly access media, audio, and overlay. It looks dense, but it sounds good when it works, even on the phone.

Free, you get access to a large set of tools, if not the goods, and exports are marked with a watermark. If nothing else, this at least means you can try before you buy.

If you pay, it will cost you about $ 23 / £ 19 / AU $ 38 per year – a reasonable price for the Android-focused option, especially if you use a hardware store. iPhone / iPad users should stick to LumaFusion though.


On the desktop, iMovie has long had a reputation for easily marrying and using power. Not Final Cut Pro, but it gets the job done. You might say the same thing about the birth of the cell phone.

Upload selected clips and iMovie organizes them with a single timeline magnet. Clips can be easily rearranged, and you can click to zoom in on the timeline if you do not want to stare at the icons.

There is a theme editor (normal or less than three) and although it is based on themes, fonts, colors, and backgrounds can all be customized. Alternatively, you can apply filters and transitions, adjust clip speed, add audio overlays, and experiment with green screen, split-screen, and photo-image effects.

In the end, iMovie trades in-depth at speed, which is why it is not one of our favorites with the title ‘best video editing app’. Other features are aimed at newcomers, such as accessible but limited interaction and trailer templates that teach people about film construction and shooting types. However, professional technicians should not waste the app, as it is great for combining clips and getting accountable flow in a fast, efficient, and low-key interface with interruptions.


Like KineFusion, PowerDirector wants you to open your wallet if you heat it a second time – and it can cost 50% more than its competitor. But skip that and you’ll find a friendly app that stays somewhere between LumaFusion and iMovie if you’re on Apple hardware – or at the same location as KineMaster if you’re on Android.

Import clips and edit by timeline. Select one and you can access the toolbar in the form of an edit button. Not much better than iMovie or KineMaster, but app responsiveness and clutter make it fun to use. This friendship extends to premature jaunts near the app, where you are accompanied by bubbles of humor-like thoughts that explain where everything is. If you are a beginner, this might be the best video editing app for you.

For travel professionals, PowerDirector is closely associated with iMovie – a place for drawing ideas rather than creating a finished product. For smart readers, it is powerful enough without frustration. And, however, it seems to be better suited for Android, considering that iPhone / iPad users can choose LumaFusion (pro) high or iMovie (consumer).


This Apple app tries to combine the simplicity and beauty of iMovie with the speed required to create a video on social media. To do that, it has an unconventional workflow compared to traditional video editing but nevertheless finds it successful at the moment, focusing on what really matters.

Ideally, Clips may require you to take pictures within the app itself, but you can import existing photos – after fashion. Instead of adding a clip to your timeline, place it in the viewing area, scratch to where you would like to start, and then press the record button to capture the part you want.

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Elsewhere, the app is a bag for taking fun features, including cartoon filters, text overlay, Memoji header, and live themes. There’s a bit of ingenuity about some of this, but Clips has a feature set that effectively balances fun and creativity, allowing you to create smaller movies that fit twice as fast as social networking.

Stop Motion Studio Pro

We are going to a special place with this installation. As the name of the app suggests, Stop Motion Studio Pro is not interested in making a regular film – instead, it is designed to cut the animation of the stand.

This is a flexible app, which you can shoot using a built-in camera, and turn desktop objects into a living world. But the app can import existing photos and video, the last of which is converted to static frames. Each frame can be adjusted, and it is possible to cover multiple sound samples that can be played at the same time and are themselves edited.

The cruel environment of certain settings – front and filters used throughout the product; single frame rate; no bar option to change start/end fades – means the app does not meet its ‘professional’ quest properly. But as a way to focus on what’s important, as well as to make a cartoon map view of the content available while on the go (or on the couch), that’s fine.

GoPro Quik

Sometimes you don’t want to be the next Michael Kahn and dive into the nitty-gritty of editing. You want the app to do the hard work. The original Quik was good at that. So when a new version happily announces the first launch of the “redesigned GoPro Quik app,” you may be overwhelmed with awe.

Fortunately, Quik remains very strong…. You are still selecting videos on your device that, by tapping, the app will quickly organize into the best photo gallery. Then play themes, cut and highlight points, music, and formatting.

However, there has been a controversy from GoPro, too. In creating similar projects in the old and new operating systems, the output of the old Quik is powerful and very exciting. Also, the new app requires you to sign up, from which you will find additional filters, themes, and music – as well as a powerful slow-down tool and (finally) a backup copy of the cloud.

All in all, it sounds like a reversal combined with an upsell. But despite our skepticism, GoPro Quik keeps enough of its predecessors to secure downloads and may be the best GoPro aficionado video editing app.


Regardless of the design or style reasons, chances are that color grading will be part of your video editing process – at least if you don’t just throw random cat videos on social media of your choice. For anything else to consider, however, you will want to correct color errors and apply color with emotional and content effects.

In an app that costs almost as much as a cheap lunch, VideoGrade offers you a lot of alcohol controls, wrapped in a visual connector that anyone can understand. Uploading videos and lots of slides allow you to cleverly adjust the temperature, sharpness, fill space, and color channels; if you want to make more art, you can try bloom, posterization, pixelation, and rotation.

The app logically provides real-time previews, which include split-screen comparisons, and preset settings. When you are done, you can download your recording using the preset value. Whether you buy a gun or bring a new life to a regular clip, VideoGrade offers equal power and speed.


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