The iPhone Will Again Be More Expensive Than its Predecessor

The iPhone Will Again Be More Expensive Than its Predecessor

It’s still a long wait before that, but when Apple announces the new iPhone 14 series, it has bad news for consumers. The company may raise the suggested retail price.

On Twitter , LeaksApplePro is already reporting the suggested retail price of the new iPhone 14 series. It is noticeable that mainly the Pro models are a lot more expensive than the current variants. The news should of course be taken with a grain of salt.

iPhone 14 Pro (Max) considerably more expensive

The chance that Apple will raise the price of its flagships is quite high, according to LeaksApplePro. The standard iPhone 14 will keep its $799 price tag, with the mini disappearing altogether. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will both carry a higher price tag than the top devices from 2021. The former is said to have a suggested retail price of $1099 and the second of $1199.

With this, the iPhone 14 Pro takes over the price tag of the 13 Pro Max and the Pro Max will tap into a new suggested retail price. Reportedly, the top device from Apple will have the same price tag as the top device from Samsung. The only difference is that you get 256GB storage capacity for the same money with the latter company. With the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, consumers can take into account 128GB.

Cheap option disappears

If Apple uses the above prices, the most affordable option will disappear. The iPhone 14 Max takes the place of the mini, but the regular model will not take over the price tag. While the cheapest option for consumers is currently $699, it will return to $799 starting this year.

We have reproduced the prices for this item in dollars because these are the prices known at this time. It is good to know that you usually pay more in European countries. Where you can currently buy the iPhone 13 for $799, you pay €909 in the Europe. You can currently buy the iPhone 13 Pro Max for €1259, which will also be the starting price for the iPhone 14 Pro.


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