Troubleshooting PS5 Wi-Fi Connections

Troubleshooting PS5 Wi-Fi Connections

Having issues with your PS5’s wireless connection? For help with your PlayStation 5’s online connection, read this. There is a reasonable risk of network issues when connecting the PlayStation 5 to the Network through Wi-Fi. You can solve problems with your network connection; your PS5 won’t link to Wi-Fi, or performance is subpar.

If your PS5 has trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem if you’re having problems connecting to the Internet through Ethernet. You may usually get assistance there as well.

1. Double-check that all of your other gadgets are correctly linked.

Whether your PS5 has connection problems, you should see if the problem affects any of the other devices connected to your home network. You should use our troubleshooting internet at home tutorial if your internet connection disrupts your daily life. Suppose you’re having trouble with anything, including Wi-Fi, on your PS5. Following the instructions in that guide should fix it. Your PS4 is not to blame for home network issues.

Continuing with the troubleshooting methods below assumes. That the issue is unique to your PlayStation 5 and that all other functions operate typically.

2. Restart your PlayStation 5 and all other network devices.

Restarting all impacted devices is an excellent first step in troubleshooting. As you likely already know from experience. Try restarting first to see if it solves the problem before moving on to more involved troubleshooting.

It would be best if you initialized your PS5 from scratch. To access the quick menu, touch the PlayStation button once again. You could opt to visit to know more in detail about troubleshooting PS5 Wi-Fi connections. Select Power, then scroll right to find the Restart PS5 option. Following this procedure, your PS5 will power down entirely before restarting.

As with previous PlayStation consoles, you may also turn off your PS5 by pressing the power button on the front of the device. The PS5’s power button is on the standard model at the bottom. Due to the lack of a disc drive, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition only has the Power button.

In any case, keep holding down the PS5’s power button. If you hear a single beep, hang on until the second, and only then, release. Your PS5 will power down completely, with the top lights going dark. If the PS5’s lights are orange, it’s in rest mode & didn’t power down completely; try restarting it. You can’t solve a problem only by putting your computer into sleep mode.

Suppose your PS5 is still having trouble connecting after being restarted. Try power cycling your Network and modems (if you have a combination unit, reboot that). Suppose your model doesn’t have a speed and power switch. Try unplugging it for a couple of minutes before plugging it back in. If you can, try reconnecting to the Internet after everything is back up.

3. Verify Your Wi-Fi Network Information

Verify that you have provided the proper network credentials if you cannot link your PS5 to Wi-Fi. You may have entered the wrong password, or someone else with network access altered it.

Select the gear icon in the upper right corner of the PS5 screen to access the Settings menu, where you may re-enter your network information. Next, head to the menu and select Network> Settings. Select Set Up Internet Access once you’ve ensured the Internet connection option is active.

From the list of available networks, please choose the one you want to use and enter the password for it if there are several potential networks to choose from. It is essential to make the appropriate decision.

When entering the password, please be as accurate as possible. If you still can’t get connected and someone else in your household maintains the Network. You might want to inquire if they changed their password recently.

To access further customization options after establishing a connection. Highlight your Wi-Fi Network under Registered networks, then select the X button. At the same time, the vast majority of them are irrelevant. Switching your PS5 to a different DNS server under the system’s DNS Settings may help.

4. Start the PS5’s Internet Connection Test:

The PS5 has an in-built diagnostic tool that attempts a connection to the Internet and the PSN—reporting any problems it encounters. You must run this if you still don’t know why the PS5 won’t connect to the Internet.

Access the network diagnostics by going to the menu and selecting Network > Connection Status. Here you can choose to retest your connection to the Internet by clicking the Test Internet Connection button.

An explanation of the test’s procedures is as follows:

Get Your Internet Protocol Address:

If it does, then the PS5 has successfully established a connection to your Network and obtained an IP address.

Having an online presence:

Your console will be online after this is complete.

Signing in to the PlayStation Network:

This last check ensures you can access PSN, play online games, and use other features.

Transmission rate:

They ought to be roughly comparable to the speeds offered by your Internet service provider. Shallow values indicate either a poor Wi-Fi signal or heavy network usage.

Your PS5 may need port forwarding to connect to the PlayStation Network if it is online but cannot connect. This may occur if your computer is linked to an extensive network, such as the one at a university. Getting connected at college can necessitate a chat with the IT department.

If none of the preceding two tests succeeds, proceed with the troubleshooting steps outlined in the general network guide.

The PlayStation 5 connection wizard may be accessed via Sony’s PlayStation Repair page after completing this test. Select your consoles and the issue you’re having from the main screen, and it will guide you through some diagnostic procedures. While much of the advice we give here is redundant, using Sony’s tool could help you spot an issue we missed.

5. Position your PlayStation 2 closer to your network modem.

The range of Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies is limited, and they are vulnerable to interference. The Signal strength field can be found in Settings > Network > Connection Status > View Connection Status on the PS5. This will show you the strength of your Wi-Fi connection to your router. If it’s less than 80 or so, you need to work on it to make it stronger.

Try to get your PS5 as near your router as you can. Keep them away from potential interference sources like microwave ovens and baby monitors. Keep in mind that obstacles to wireless communications include thick materials like concrete.


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