What Can Happen if The Online Form is Not Completed?

What Can Happen if The Online Form is Not Completed?

Census 2022

Starting today, you can access digital questionnaires via your mobile phone, computer, or another electronic device.

Two months after the 2022 census, the National Bureau of Statistics and the Census Index today launched a digital questionnaire aimed at speeding up the completion of the form, which will remain in effect until May 18. As a result, some questions have arisen in this regard. Above all, what will happen to those who do not answer online questions?

As explained by Index, the census can be conducted “in two ways: through an online questionnaire in advance or through a face-to-face interview at home during Census Day”, but the online form must be completed. It will not happen and those who do not do so will not get any penalty.

Simply put, the new digital method aims to streamline the questionnaire for census takers who will visit homes on May 18. The questionnaire consists of 61 questions, related to the characteristics of 24 houses and households and 37 population structures.

Digital Form

To date, digital questionnaires can already be accessed via cell phone, computer, or other electronic devices, and proof of completion must be shown to the census taker who arrives at the address on May 18. When a statistical entry is made. at the same time in All over the country.

The online questionnaire must be answered by one person from all the occupants of the house, so it is recommended to gather the whole family when completing the data so that the count can be done without leaving each one and without duplicating. The goal can be achieved. People explained INDEC.

Those who complete the form must enter the official census site and receive a receipt in their e-mail box with a six-digit number code that must be submitted on May 18, the national holiday. ۔

According to two exercises conducted in two districts of Gálvez Santa Fe and Buenos Aires, the ban on the digital census was 25% and 35%, respectively.

The Virtual Data Upload Tool will be available for two months, so all citizens who wish to fill out a form in advance can do so and speed up the census visit, simply by providing proof of completion. of the.

Index emphasized that the information provided through the virtual form would be protected under strict computer security protocols and anonymity, encryption, and data governance techniques.

For the May 18 census, the agency reported that more than 600,000 people will participate, including urban and rural census takers, national and provincial coordinators, and other positions.

Meanwhile, Marco Laguna, director of the National Bureau of Statistics and Census (INDIC), highlighted the simplicity and speed of digital procedures – which have been implemented for the first time – and remarked that all possible measures are taken to ensure peace. Steps were taken. Keep the population in mind regarding security information that is thrown away in practice and during door-to-door operations.

The official said that the only procedure by which residents would be asked for information in digital form would be through the official website and then the code corresponding to the questionnaire would be sent by post provided by the person. Yes, but he insisted. No one in the index will communicate by phone, through WhatsApp, telegram, or by any other means.


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